Monday, August 10, 2009

What We Did While Daddy Was in KSA

It took about 3 months before Daddy could come back to Malaysia to invite n to accompany us for our very first trip to KSA ..While waiting for Daddy's arrival, Mummy had to take care of Haziq n Hani alone (but of course with the assistance of Bibik and Nenek n Atuk as well) and had to settle lots of still sempat lg gi jalan2...hehehe

We went to Johore and Malacca with Mummy's parents, siblings n of course with Haziq n Hani's beloved cousins...

We went to Pangkor Island as well

Hani with her sexy braided hair for attending Kakak Dalila's birthday party

With cousin cum playmate - Amir Harith

Happy birthday Kakak Dalila......(hmm...Dalila, tutup muka tp jeling2.... hehehe)

Izzat ngan Haziq jelous ke tgk hadiah kakak?????

Amboi!! sayangnye kat Bibik Muji....Hani n Haziq miss Bibik Muji so much.
The best maid that we had so far..

Haziq with his best buddy - Muhammad Danish Harraz

Open House kat rumah Harraz

The last theatre that we have watched at Istana Budaya before leaving for KSA - Sinbad

Haziq n Hani were really enjoyed watching Sinbad with Abg Irfan, Kakak Dalila, Izzat, Mummy, Mama n Cuwa

Mummy's last event (2 weeks before flying to KSA) - Career Legal Fair @ Legend Hotel, KL

(Haziq sempat masuk Standard 1 for 3 weeks...hehehe...nak bg Haziq rase aura sekolah kat Malaysia before going to International Scholl)

Mummy had to sell her beloved car before leaving for KSA...huhuhu (Hani n Amir sempat posing with Mummy's Wish for the very last time)

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