Monday, August 10, 2009

What We Did While Daddy Was in KSA

It took about 3 months before Daddy could come back to Malaysia to invite n to accompany us for our very first trip to KSA ..While waiting for Daddy's arrival, Mummy had to take care of Haziq n Hani alone (but of course with the assistance of Bibik and Nenek n Atuk as well) and had to settle lots of still sempat lg gi jalan2...hehehe

We went to Johore and Malacca with Mummy's parents, siblings n of course with Haziq n Hani's beloved cousins...

We went to Pangkor Island as well

Hani with her sexy braided hair for attending Kakak Dalila's birthday party

With cousin cum playmate - Amir Harith

Happy birthday Kakak Dalila......(hmm...Dalila, tutup muka tp jeling2.... hehehe)

Izzat ngan Haziq jelous ke tgk hadiah kakak?????

Amboi!! sayangnye kat Bibik Muji....Hani n Haziq miss Bibik Muji so much.
The best maid that we had so far..

Haziq with his best buddy - Muhammad Danish Harraz

Open House kat rumah Harraz

The last theatre that we have watched at Istana Budaya before leaving for KSA - Sinbad

Haziq n Hani were really enjoyed watching Sinbad with Abg Irfan, Kakak Dalila, Izzat, Mummy, Mama n Cuwa

Mummy's last event (2 weeks before flying to KSA) - Career Legal Fair @ Legend Hotel, KL

(Haziq sempat masuk Standard 1 for 3 weeks...hehehe...nak bg Haziq rase aura sekolah kat Malaysia before going to International Scholl)

Mummy had to sell her beloved car before leaving for KSA...huhuhu (Hani n Amir sempat posing with Mummy's Wish for the very last time)

Bon Voyage Daddy

Daddy was the first Malaysian (for Saudi Kayan - SABIC) scheduled to fly to Jubail but when Daddy was told that there would be another four Malaysian to go 2 days after Daddy's flight, Daddy has postponed his departure date and joined that group. So, on 17th October, 2008, Daddy met Taufiq, Din, Azmi and Shidee at KLIA for the first time and they were the first batch from Malaysia arrived in Jubail..Alhamdulillah...and Mummy had to continue celebrating Hari Raya with Haziq n Hani, without her other half around :(
Goodbye Daddy...gonna miss u

Friday, August 7, 2009

Officially Launched

Alhamdulillah, this blog is finally launched today though it has been created in March 2009...hehehe..Due to Mummy's tight schedule almost everyday (especially on Bibik's tasks which have been taken over by Mummy now..huhuhu), D'kalrarian blog has remained silent and untouched for about 5 months since the first day it was created..

Memoirs of D'kalra is proudly present the story of life for the entire family members of D'kalra to everyone out there especially for our beloved families and friends in Malaysia n Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.